20 november, 2012

Deviant Art Premium!

Check some of my new art out!

23 oktober, 2010

Statue Project

For my class "Projekt Arbete" shall i create a 20cm high statue with the help of 3D technology. The steps that i've got to take is first of
1: Come up with what i shall model
2: Draw concepts
3: Draw a Reference picture so i have something to follow
4: Model it
5: 3D Print it

I've decided that i should attempt to model a giant reptile monster, like for example godzilla. I've experimented and have a drawn myself a concept and even a reference picture which i shall attempt to follow as much as possible.

As you can imagine, this project is rather expensive, so i attempt to sell pictures and small flash animations / .gif avatars. Hopefully i'll be able to afford it... otherwise everything will be a bunch of waste of time. So far i've managed to get 79.19 $ out of 400 $, so i've got around 20% of what i need for the project.

I have now experiment and train to model in Zbrush(that's the program i shall use for this project). I made my first attempt at creating any kind of creature at all, yesterday and i belive it's pretty good for my first Zbrush model.

Also a huge thanks to http://www.3id.se
Because of helping me out with the project.

11 oktober, 2010

Major blog update!

Am i still alive? WTH!?

Yes, i actually am. As you might have seen so have i done some changes here on my blog. Fixed a new logo and a bunch of other shit. It's not done yet thought, still some few changes left.

I will post some new pictures(drawn by me) etc soon enough. Sadly so am i not going to back to machinima in a while thought.

07 mars, 2009

More Videos? I Sure hope so!

Once again, long time since last post!(lol) The things i can tell you right now is that i got the entire script of FFS Episode2 is still in my head and i'm ready to write it down any second (To lazy right now thought...). I Also have some for the episode 3 already. Another thing I have to fix is to get in contact with the voice acters and ask if they wanna help me out once again.

I have also considered to make several new music videos.
Infinite Mass - Bullet
Healer Parody

Even more things i've considered to do is PvP videos for my friends and also Counterstrike movies.

Thought for now i have to learn new video editing programs, sadly i didn't start out with Adobe Premiere or After Effects (I started with Sony Vegas sadly). So i have to learn new movie editing program all over again... i also have to learn 3d max!

I photoshop way to much, i'm so busy making pictures all the time, check out my deviantart link futher down and you might understand what i mean...

On top of all this i got to deal with the school >.<

19 januari, 2009

Long time since last post!

It has gone over one fricking month since i posted my last thing, OMG!
If you remember from an earlier post, our dog had died and my entire family where so sad. But now my sister wanted a new one. So we got ourselves a new one!

Alot has goin on since the last post as you might already know. But right now i got too much projects for me to handle!
Things to do list:
1: Fight for Survival Episode 2(WoW Machinima Project)
2: Healer Parody Music Video (WoW Machinima Project)
3: DeviantArt 1000 Views thanks picture
4: All World of Warcraft Avatars/Signature Pictures left that i have to do!
5: A Game Project
6: Fix a friends blog with pictures and stuff.

This ain't all, got school project and many other things too! GAAAH!

If you haven't noticed it yet, so can i tell ya, i have done a massive blog update! from darkish to whitish and much, much more! That has the mainly job of the day...

I have also started painting my own stuff(I mean from scratch and not edit pictures tougheter. Check it out @ my DeviantArt channel! Also i have updated my DeviantID as you can see.

WoWmodelviewer.org has finally camed up with a fully working WoWMV, so i'm back pwning Avatars, signatures and of course MACHINIMA!
I Still haven't started with the FFS Ep.2 yet, but i got the story in my head and can write it down right away, but it's quite late for that today. Hopefully it'll be great! But i won't reveal to much information about it thought. But i can reveal that they'll get some new cool armor!

They got highly modified armor as you can see, Derek Stonehand even got a screen for easier targeting! Ooops, got to stop myself before i release too much information!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading my blog and please check back later! Feel free to press the links further down.

09 december, 2008


I have now fixed my DeviantArt channel! Check it out by pressing the DeviantArt link further down the page!

06 december, 2008

Blog update!

As you can see, i've updated my blog with some new fresh pic's!

WoW model viewer still doesn't works p.g.a Wmv programmers needed... or something like that. So i won't be able to make a machinima in time, sadly, other wize i had came up with a great movie! becouse i had a great script in my head for the contest, buhu!

That's all for now! Bay bye bai... the cake is actually a LIE! :(