23 oktober, 2010

Statue Project

For my class "Projekt Arbete" shall i create a 20cm high statue with the help of 3D technology. The steps that i've got to take is first of
1: Come up with what i shall model
2: Draw concepts
3: Draw a Reference picture so i have something to follow
4: Model it
5: 3D Print it

I've decided that i should attempt to model a giant reptile monster, like for example godzilla. I've experimented and have a drawn myself a concept and even a reference picture which i shall attempt to follow as much as possible.

As you can imagine, this project is rather expensive, so i attempt to sell pictures and small flash animations / .gif avatars. Hopefully i'll be able to afford it... otherwise everything will be a bunch of waste of time. So far i've managed to get 79.19 $ out of 400 $, so i've got around 20% of what i need for the project.

I have now experiment and train to model in Zbrush(that's the program i shall use for this project). I made my first attempt at creating any kind of creature at all, yesterday and i belive it's pretty good for my first Zbrush model.

Also a huge thanks to http://www.3id.se
Because of helping me out with the project.

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