07 mars, 2009

More Videos? I Sure hope so!

Once again, long time since last post!(lol) The things i can tell you right now is that i got the entire script of FFS Episode2 is still in my head and i'm ready to write it down any second (To lazy right now thought...). I Also have some for the episode 3 already. Another thing I have to fix is to get in contact with the voice acters and ask if they wanna help me out once again.

I have also considered to make several new music videos.
Infinite Mass - Bullet
Healer Parody

Even more things i've considered to do is PvP videos for my friends and also Counterstrike movies.

Thought for now i have to learn new video editing programs, sadly i didn't start out with Adobe Premiere or After Effects (I started with Sony Vegas sadly). So i have to learn new movie editing program all over again... i also have to learn 3d max!

I photoshop way to much, i'm so busy making pictures all the time, check out my deviantart link futher down and you might understand what i mean...

On top of all this i got to deal with the school >.<

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