19 januari, 2009

Long time since last post!

It has gone over one fricking month since i posted my last thing, OMG!
If you remember from an earlier post, our dog had died and my entire family where so sad. But now my sister wanted a new one. So we got ourselves a new one!

Alot has goin on since the last post as you might already know. But right now i got too much projects for me to handle!
Things to do list:
1: Fight for Survival Episode 2(WoW Machinima Project)
2: Healer Parody Music Video (WoW Machinima Project)
3: DeviantArt 1000 Views thanks picture
4: All World of Warcraft Avatars/Signature Pictures left that i have to do!
5: A Game Project
6: Fix a friends blog with pictures and stuff.

This ain't all, got school project and many other things too! GAAAH!

If you haven't noticed it yet, so can i tell ya, i have done a massive blog update! from darkish to whitish and much, much more! That has the mainly job of the day...

I have also started painting my own stuff(I mean from scratch and not edit pictures tougheter. Check it out @ my DeviantArt channel! Also i have updated my DeviantID as you can see.

WoWmodelviewer.org has finally camed up with a fully working WoWMV, so i'm back pwning Avatars, signatures and of course MACHINIMA!
I Still haven't started with the FFS Ep.2 yet, but i got the story in my head and can write it down right away, but it's quite late for that today. Hopefully it'll be great! But i won't reveal to much information about it thought. But i can reveal that they'll get some new cool armor!

They got highly modified armor as you can see, Derek Stonehand even got a screen for easier targeting! Ooops, got to stop myself before i release too much information!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading my blog and please check back later! Feel free to press the links further down.

2 kommentarer:

Ad sa...

it's incredible to hear you're working so hard again. I really can't believe that there's someone like you out there who keeps making pwnage avatars, for anyone who wants one!

I hope the dog is still as cute as before and he hasn't brought his yellow snow to your computer ;o)

Greetz from the no-more-wow-playing Thames!

serhios88 sa...

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