08 oktober, 2008

Alot of good and bad news!

Ok, Let's begin with a huge family problem... My family's dog recently died and i have been in a really bad mood sense that sad day. She was to cute to die! :(
At least she lived a long and happy life (14 years, and if we count around to human years that would be over 105 years old).

I made a blogg for a friends GF yesterday, took some time(Most of my free time yesterday...) but i at least got finnished! Visit it here: http://haaniis.blogg.se/

Machinima news:
For a couple of days ago, i got an idea for an Warhammer Machinima and i have now started with the script! I let one of my irl friends take a short look at it, and he just LoLed, so hopefully you guys will do that too! :)

I will start with the script for the second episode of the FFS series, if Caruu wanna help me out with his imba voice acting.

Avatar Making Closed for a while!
We'll see when i get back into Photoshoping mood.

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